Soft opening

August 22nd 2019

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A woman owned & operated brewery in Boulder

Who are we?

We at Unnamed Beer Co are passionate about beer, art, music, and technology. From the garage brewers to garage bands, and garage programmers to...I guess...people that just like garages. We believe that most of the people making a difference in the world are chasing their passions and will never be named in the history books, never be talked about in the news, never be known outside their own small world of influence. But we think they are cool people, and we want to share a drink with them.

Our Values

Community inside and out: We all succeed or fail together on this little planet of ours. So do the right thing, we’re all counting on you...No pressure...


Question first & Never settle: Question the status quo instead of just doing what you are told. Being popular doesn’t make it right, being easy doesn’t make it right, but three lefts do make it a right.


Don't be an ass: But have a little sass. Life is better when faced with confidence, maturity, and without fear.


Good beer is more than a job: Beer, that glorious beverage! We make beer, we drink it, and we drink beer while making it… You can't love what you don't know, and we love beer.